Wednesday, April 30

here's some sasha...

sasha pivovarova. lovely.

ahhh! what do i wear!!!

I wasn't sure if i should wear pants or shorts today. when it came down to it...the decision was shorts. it cooled down quite a bit today and was sooo nice. the red jacket that i'm wearing i bought yesterday for 25 cents! this little shop that i found is a real find! everything inside is under 5 dollars and everything outside is 25 cents! i found a great electric blue cable knit summer sweater for my boyfriend as well. he was very happy!!

shoes - guess?
red blazer - vintage
cut off denim shorts - vintage
black button tank - urban outfitters
gold jewelry - vintage

Tuesday, April 29

i want an ashley watson!!!

I found this vancouver bag designer the other day and am in love! the leather looks so worn and soft. i love all of these styles and there are even more on her website.... i really want one of the clutches!!!!

btw.... i just read that the bags are made out of used leather jackets! so that's why they look so comfy! hah! i love recycled items, especially when it comes from a poor little animal!

inspired by... mary-kate

Sunday, April 27

It's never to hot....

As I was riding home from work yesterday I came upon this vintage store that was having a "everything under 5 dollars" sale. One of the things I found was this awesome gingham flannel. It is a little warm to be wearing a flannel but I couldn't pass it up. Also, it always i cooler at night. So.... perfect! I had a new outfit for a little outing to a casual dinner. These shoes are incredible. I bought them last year but only after I had bought the silver ones! I got these on sale and ended up buying them for 3 of my friends birthday presents. I am a very good friend. Anyways...they are great, but since I haven't worn them in a while and I was doing a bit of walking last night, I ended up having the worst pain in the balls of my feet all day today! Ahhhh! The things girls do to look drop dead gorgeous!

black and white checkered flannel - vintage $3
levi's worn in cuffed shorts - vintage $4
heart shaped watch necklace - vintage $?
grandma's vintage silver ring and silver watches - $ priceless
black leather wedges - NineWest '07 $59
leopard cluch - rosebowl flea market find $?

Wednesday, April 23

karen walker....

I am really loving Karen Walker right now. Just so feminine but bold and colorful, too. She also has some great accessories. Go take a look at her collections at


quote of the day....

"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize."

Olympia Dukakis in STEEL MAGNOLIAS

Tuesday, April 22

So....I guess I CAN sew!

Today I made a trip to downtown and searched through roll after roll of fabric for this little project that I am attempting. It's in the beginning stages. Tonight was round one. Here is the skirt that I made in approximately 20 minutes! Yay! I love the pattern on the fabric!! I will keep it going and post the progress that I am making. I'm so excited! I wasn't sure if I could do what I had pictured in my head...but I guess I can!! Yay, again!

Sunday, April 20

THE coolest of the cool shoes...

want. want. want. forget the black gladiator sandals stomping around the streets right now. these are some gladiator sandals to walk all over the competition. they are from a company in nyc called sutherland. go check 'em out if you are in ny and let me know how they are in person!!

cool...check it....

tweet, tweet....tweet tweet.

Thursday, April 17

a little taste of kate....

love the fog. love the coat. love the style icon. to me this picture looks like "real" kate, out in her back yard wandering in from a long night out. her life is like a fashion story. even when she is really walking around the city she is a fashionista. i wish i could search her closet.

Sunday, April 13

u better work...


Really....what is there to say. Style. Icon. Period.
Ashley is in there, too. I really like her as well!

Tuesday, April 8

Balenciaga, ahh.....

I love Balenciaga. I would totally wear this...walking down the runway. But walking down the street with those shoulders? I don't know. I do love the mini flowers covering the dress and the majorly high gladiator sandals. The sandals are just amazing and soooo different. I love the the mix of colors and the combination of feminine floral dress and the edgy leather crawling up the legs. Brilliant.

Sunday, April 6

Proenza Dreams...

Proenza Schouler is one of my favorite fashion houses. The boys of Proenza are so young, yet so talented beyond their years. I have been following them for a few years already and always anticipate the new seasons to see what they have up their sleeves. I am in love with them and so should you! Check out their website to see what I'm talking about. The picture below is from the spring/summer 2008 collection. Sarah Jessica Parker wears this very outfit in the new Sex and the City movie...coming out soon!! Yay!


models "R" us...





Thursday, April 3

Here Comes Spring....

Color! Color! Color! Love! Love! Love! Yay! Yay! Yay! Spring! Spring! Spring!!!!!
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