Saturday, May 31

oops....i did chloe sevigny

i really didn't mean to do this, but after looking at the finished product i realized this looks a lot like chloe for opening ceremony. i guess i do love her!!!

Thursday, May 29

go hammer, go hammer, go.....

sooo..... what do you think of the hammer pant trend?  
would you ever be caught wearing these airy, pant, diaper things?
i was riding by my usual cheap thrift store and spotted these striped ones
on the 25 cent rack and had to pick them up.
even if i never wear them, i had to see what i could do 
with this find.  they were all over the spring/summer runways
so they must be cool, right?
maybe not!  i will get a picture of me wearing them
and show you what they look like on a regular person not
walking down the catwalk.
not yet... but coming soon!

this last pair are a bit more wearable with a sweat pant feel to them.
maybe an easier spin on the harem/hammer style look.

Friday, May 23

the cool down...

it was hot, hot, heat a few days ago and now it is in the 60's. oh, california weather. here our last chance to wear our favorite cool weather get-ups before the temperature rises again!!! grab your jacket and scarf and keep it for your outfit both day and night! my personal favorites (i love all of these items) are the black leather lace-up shoes and motorcycle jacket!

Thursday, May 22

what did i tell you.....

the cobrasnake loves the Koreans, too.  steve aoki was in Seoul a little bit ago and his trusty photog sidekick was along for the ride.  here are some pics of some stylish ones out that night. their outfit selections are so bright and creative.  i especially love the bow-tie on the girl in the last picture.  i also really love the red flowered thing on the t-shirt on the first girl.  i'm going to steal that!


Saturday, May 17

those were the days....

here i am on my first birthday.  look at that fur coat!  wow!  my parents are the reason why i'm such a shopper!  i was getting a head start at a very young age.  even when i was maybe 10 or 12 i was taking my grandma's old fabric and making bathing suits.  i wish i still had one that i made.  it was a two peice that tied on the sides to make it say on.  geez!  i remember it like it was yesterday.

oh!  i was tagged by the always adorable diane at  her blog is called... so much to come.  check her out!

i will answer all the tag questions very soon.  i am a little busy this weekend and can't make the time to do it just yet.  it will be coming this week though! 

monday i might have jury duty.  arggggg!  i really hope i don't have to go!!  terrible.  did you know that they don't even pay you the first day, and if you have to come in following days you only get $15 for the whole day!  i really don't get it!  how can they do that!  people have jobs and have to make more than that just to pay for the gas to get there.  stupid!  anyways....keep your fingers crossed for me that i don't have to go.

be back soon.

Friday, May 16

100 degrees.....

oh, my.  was it hot today or what?!  i wish i could've done my shopping like this.  not really, but it was just too hot to wear anything but a tank and shorts today.  i like the pink shopping cart in this picture!  i don't remember pavillions ever having them in this color! 

Thursday, May 15

hollywood stroll....

this is my very first polyvore set. i really love this website. i only wish that i could purchase everything that i have chosen here. it is fun to pretend though!

summer is here....

it was hot, hot, hot today.  i think it is supposed to be ever warmer tomorrow.  time to do some swim suit shopping.  i hardly ever go to the beach or make it to a pool, but there is just something about getting a new one every summer.  tradition.  gotta keep it fresh!

super cute mini....

i went to h&m the other day and found quite a few things that i wanted to swipe up.  so many that i really couldn't decide.  so i left with nothing.  i have been so indecisive lately!  i think i will have to go back and pick up some pretty little floral items.  i'm loving it.

Wednesday, May 14

one of the elite.....

coco. coco. coco.  as sweet as hot chocolate.  she is cute as can be and always has amazing editorials with unbelievable posing ability.  this is just a polaroid and she is still give us a pout.  i need to keep my eye on her.  she is a looker.  you will be seeing more of her here on frankie domino.


i finally found my black summer sandals. i was on the hunt for something a little different. everyone and their grandma has gladiator sandals. the ones that i had from years ago broke and i was devistated. i thought about buying the jeffrey campbell knee-hi gladiator but then found these beauties. fringe! yay! i bought them at (take a guess???) so it is only a matter of time until everyone has these too i guess. whatevs.

* i would love to disclose the location of purchase but i would like to enjoy being different for a little bit. being in LA it's hard to do sometimes....please understand!!! hehe!

Tuesday, May 13

yum yum zooey....

she and him....

zooey at sxsw in austin, texas.

on conan.

zooey deschanel. must check out her band, she and him. i have always loved this girl. great syle, interesting looks, and now a great singer! wonderful. she is so fresh.

Monday, May 12

full of life....

i have always been a fan of michelle williams. ever since she was the troubling jen on dawnson's creek my eye has gravitated toward the blonde beauty. her film, fashion and life choices have always been thoughtful. this year started off in a terrible way and i only hope that she continues to flourish. she has a sweet little girl and her life has just started again in a way. i can't wait to see more of her in magazines and red carpets. she has made the most amazing selections in the past few years!! pretty.


wannabe friends.....

i really want to be her friend. imagine raiding her closet! i can't even sit still while thinking about that. i think i would just die of excitement and stress trying to decide what to pick from her collection of designer and vintage items.
i saw her at a warehouse party in new york over the holidays and she has got to be one of the coolest looking girls i have ever seen. she was wearing high-wasted shorts and jeans years before everyone else. same with the ray bans. she is so ahead of the curve. i just keep watching her to see what will be the next cool thing to wear/do. plus, she is designing! forget being her friend...i want to be her!

Sunday, May 11

one hot momma....

happy mother's day to all the mom's! i hope these pictures of the perfect bodied kate hudson don't make you sad. she had a kid and then had a personal trainer and chef i'm sure. plus.... beautiful clothes and professional make-up.

i love these pictures of her! too bad her kid is kinda not very cute.

Saturday, May 10


these shoes are to die for. i would probably die while wearing them! i would probably lose my head when trying to clear doorways while wearing them!! i will probably NEVER have the chance to wear them. never know! these are dior by the way. not sure what season or year, but i'm guessing spring 08.

Wednesday, May 7

yellow is her color....

wow wow wow! gorgeous!

oh mickey you're so fine....

i just thought this was kinda cool. weird...but cool looking.

Tuesday, May 6

so freakin' cool....

i want. i want. i want. i want. i want!!!

soooo.... take a look at the website above to find some of the coolest clothes that i have found on the internet lately. although the whole site is in korean, you can still look around. if anyone that can read korean could please let me know if it says anywhere on the website if they ship to the us? also, if it is super expensive! thanks!
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