Saturday, May 17

those were the days....

here i am on my first birthday.  look at that fur coat!  wow!  my parents are the reason why i'm such a shopper!  i was getting a head start at a very young age.  even when i was maybe 10 or 12 i was taking my grandma's old fabric and making bathing suits.  i wish i still had one that i made.  it was a two peice that tied on the sides to make it say on.  geez!  i remember it like it was yesterday.

oh!  i was tagged by the always adorable diane at  her blog is called... so much to come.  check her out!

i will answer all the tag questions very soon.  i am a little busy this weekend and can't make the time to do it just yet.  it will be coming this week though! 

monday i might have jury duty.  arggggg!  i really hope i don't have to go!!  terrible.  did you know that they don't even pay you the first day, and if you have to come in following days you only get $15 for the whole day!  i really don't get it!  how can they do that!  people have jobs and have to make more than that just to pay for the gas to get there.  stupid!  anyways....keep your fingers crossed for me that i don't have to go.

be back soon.

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hannah said...

that is a lovely fur coat. you are too cute!

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