Thursday, May 29

go hammer, go hammer, go.....

sooo..... what do you think of the hammer pant trend?  
would you ever be caught wearing these airy, pant, diaper things?
i was riding by my usual cheap thrift store and spotted these striped ones
on the 25 cent rack and had to pick them up.
even if i never wear them, i had to see what i could do 
with this find.  they were all over the spring/summer runways
so they must be cool, right?
maybe not!  i will get a picture of me wearing them
and show you what they look like on a regular person not
walking down the catwalk.
not yet... but coming soon!

this last pair are a bit more wearable with a sweat pant feel to them.
maybe an easier spin on the harem/hammer style look.


Anonymous said...


Hunters Glory said...

no no NO!

Anonymous said...

can't touch this!!

etoilee8 said...

I love my Hammer pants! I say it loud and proud. . . who cares if I look like a penguin from time to time. . .when I put them on with heels I look like a fashion forward penguin!

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