Thursday, May 1

coco me....

I've actually had this sweater for a couple of years and have maybe worn it twice! i don't know why. maybe for the fact that my closet seems to eat all my clothes and i can never find ANYTHING! i really need to have a 2 bedroom apt. to house all my clothes in the spare room. wouldn't that just be a dream! aww man. now i just really want that! one day, one day! hope you had a great 1st day of may!

navy chanel sweater - vintage
boys jeans - my boyfriends
gold chain - vintage
silver clear wedges - nine west
white woven clutch - vintage


Caroline said...

bommmb jeans!

One Sweet Day said...

i love this outfit.. the sweater, with the gold rope chain, and jeans.. and then the shoes! wow.

etoilee8 said...

You've got such great style (of course. . . you're a stylist!) Don't be surprised if I rock a "Frankie Domino" inspired sometime look soon. Bookmarking your blog. And linking you. . .that is, if I ever put together my link list (lazy, lazy!)

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