Sunday, April 27

It's never to hot....

As I was riding home from work yesterday I came upon this vintage store that was having a "everything under 5 dollars" sale. One of the things I found was this awesome gingham flannel. It is a little warm to be wearing a flannel but I couldn't pass it up. Also, it always i cooler at night. So.... perfect! I had a new outfit for a little outing to a casual dinner. These shoes are incredible. I bought them last year but only after I had bought the silver ones! I got these on sale and ended up buying them for 3 of my friends birthday presents. I am a very good friend. Anyways...they are great, but since I haven't worn them in a while and I was doing a bit of walking last night, I ended up having the worst pain in the balls of my feet all day today! Ahhhh! The things girls do to look drop dead gorgeous!

black and white checkered flannel - vintage $3
levi's worn in cuffed shorts - vintage $4
heart shaped watch necklace - vintage $?
grandma's vintage silver ring and silver watches - $ priceless
black leather wedges - NineWest '07 $59
leopard cluch - rosebowl flea market find $?

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