Friday, September 19


sorry for the randomness of the photos.  i put them in my favorites folder right after fashion week and then had no time to post!  therefore, i haven't put the names of the designers with the photo.  i know for sure there is alexander wang (of course), william rast & jenni kayne.  i know i should remember the others but i have had a very long day and my brain is not working perfectly and i am too lazy to look it up. is some homework for you.  i really wish i could've been there.  oh, well.  LA fashion week is coming and maybe, just maybe i can grab some tickets.  it will be no bryant park but hey, i love a runway show! 


Markko Donto said...

cute brilliant post

nat.jane. said...

ohh these are greatt!
the first one- love the jacket
and so many heeels were just fabb

Psst .... said...

great post...loved several but second from the bottom is fav, but many good ones!


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